Pedro Ricardo & Dami​á​n Botigué share collaborative album, Un Nuevo Amanecer

So far, the weather this summer has been a bit hit-and-miss here in the UK. However, never fear, as Portuguese multi-instrumentalist, DJ and producer Pedro Ricardo and his Argentine-raised Broken Beat partner Damián Botigue are here to brighten up your day.

You need to check out Ricardo and Botigué, two incredibly talented artists making waves right now. They recently released their debut album, Un Nuevo Amanecer, which features 7 sunshine-inducing jazz fusion cuts, including the three singles they dropped earlier.

Un Nuevo Amanecer effortlessly flows from one song to another, proving their exceptional skills as musicians, producers, and songwriters. It’s the sound of two guys and a bunch of friends jamming in the studio and delivering an album that captures the energy of the moment. Listening to this album feels like you are part of the jam session. There is a feeling of freedom in the music, and the sound of real creativity can be heard in it. The breezy guitar-led title track opens the LP. This jazz-fusion track with a slight ting of folk sets the mood perfectly for the music that follows.

The next track, ‘Como El Viento’, is the jewel of the album, with its ethereal, cinematic folk melodies. It’s a beautiful composition that serves as a highlight of the album.

The third song, ‘Atlantico’, follows on in a similar vein but with a slightly more cosmic and upbeat aesthetic. While the cool Latin fusion of ‘Sem Dizer’ with its fluid mix of rhythmic hand claps, soothing piano notes and meditative electronic tones feels loose, free and fun.

As the album enters its second half, the duo up the tempo with two odes to the golden era of 70s Latin jazz-funk in ‘Juntos y a Distancia’ and ‘Cerca de Mi’, and a blend of bossa nova and candombe in ‘Mar de Fora’ adds a touch of enchantment to the music.

From start to finish, the record shows off the breadth of Ricardo’s and Botigué’s musical palettes. Let’s hope there’s more to come soon!

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