Twistedsoul Presents: Blue-In-Green:RADIO Guest Mix ~ Yoni Mayraz

We’re proud to present another episode in our collaborative project with Twistedsoul, which sees Colin curate an incredible series which, this month, showcases the inspired perspective of Yoni Mayraz.

The London-based Israeli-born pianist and composer unveiled his debut full-length release, ‘Dybbuk Tse!’, through Astigmatic Records in June of this year. Embraced to a rapturous reception, the album introduces Mayraz’s keen imagination and penchant for high-energetic and creative jazz that has translated to a series of stellar live performances in support of the project.

We’re thrilled to officially induct Yoni Mayraz’s selections as part of the Twistedsoul Presents… series and certainly encourage you to check out ‘Dybbuk Tse!’ via Astigmatic’s Bandcamp page if you have yet to do so.

Once again, a massive thanks to Twistedsoul for offering me this fantastic opportunity. Twistedsoul’s radio show airs Thursdays at 10:00 p.m., exclusive to Blue-in-Green:RADIO.

Blue-in-Green:RADIO is an internet radio station that celebrates our love for 21st century soul, jazz, funk, Latin, broken beat, hip-hop and everything in between. We’d love for you to join us on our journey, so we can become a part of yours, when discovering new music and uncovering new and independent gems together.

Imran Mirza

I love discovering something I've never heard before and sharing that feeling with like-minded people who embrace the music in the same way. You're welcome to join me on more of my musical misadventures on Blue-in-Green:RADIO.

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