Twistedsoul Monday Mix #425

Photo by Qui Nguyen.

Our Monday Mix is the perfect way to start your day! You are going to enjoy this sublime selection of soul, hip-hop, dub, electronic, indie and jazz. Press play and bask in a wide-ranging mix that connects the music of Joomanji, Jose James, Alfa Mist, C.R Gillespie, Bruxula, Dip Friso and more. Happy Monday, everyone!

1. Joomanji – Chasin Rhymes ft. Saara Maria
2. Jose James – Love Conversation
3. Patrick Paige II – Beginning
4. Alfa Mist – Alfa & Emmavie – Easily, I Forget
5. In Spite of All That – Love Letter To a Friend
6. C.R. Gillespie – In Soft Water
7. Cru Servers – Bogged Embrace
8. Material Things – Grenoble ft. Vague Imaginaires
9. Bruxula – Pala Mo
10. Dip Friso – Crocodile Or Real?

Love this mix. Why not try this one?

CF Smith

Permeating your ears with good music.

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