Video: Maya Dunietz – Dear Major

‘Dear Major’ marks the first track to emerge from Tel Aviv pianist Maya Dunietz‘s second trio album, ‘Thank You Tree’ for Raw Tapes. Dunietz dives deeper into the musical universe explored on 2021’s Free The Dolphin with this album. A colourful, abstract world emerges in the music, with Dunietz letting her imagination run wild. With her new compositions, improvisation follows jazz roots while being inspired by other sources such as bird and forest sounds.

Accompanied by Barak Mori on bass and Amir Bresler on drums. The trio creates gentle and organic soundscapes that evoke wonder and exploration. A truly captivating and unique musical experience awaits you. Watch the video below, which has the same emotional impact and is as captivating as the track itself.

Recorded at Arpad Studios by Nomok, Adir “the Doctor” Dadia, and Rejoicer, ‘Dear Major’ has a stripped-down sound that brings out the essence of the Dunietz’s incredibly skilled playing and the graceful backdrop.

Thank You Tree will see the light of day on August 25th. Pre-order the 12″ vinyl version or digital download via the link below.

As a spectral musician and artist, Dunietz tends to focus on the phenomenon and acoustics of sound rather than its potential semantic qualities. Playing trio music from this perspective, created a very crisp and deep sound, beautifully captured in the recording.


Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.

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