Twistedsoul Presents: Blue-In-Green:RADIO Guest Mix ~ Ümlaut (Jeff Düngfelder)

We’re proud to present another episode in our collaborative project with Twistedsoul. A new guest shows and mixes are unveiled on the first Monday of every month. Curator CF Smith has put together this month’s inspired instalment, a selection of superb tracks courtesy of experimental composer/sound artist Jeff Düngfelder.

At the present time, Düngfelder has twelve albums out under the Ümlaut name. The dominant thematic concepts distinguishing his work are absence and silence, the ineffable exchange between viewer and image, random moments of stillness within a landscape in flux. Using a minimalistic, electro-acoustic approach, an elusive patchwork of field recordings and electronics are seamlessly integrated into a world of shadows and colours. His memory recordings reveal the complex relationship between music and silence.

In addition to his solo compositional work as Ümlaut, Düngfelder is a member of the trio “Intelligent Life” ( His original electronic compositions are mixed (by Düngfelder) with the downtempo jazz elements of Josh Trinidad on the horn, and Mike Brown, on bass.

This mind-opening two-hour mix explores a multitude of influences (both current and past), which provided the inspiration for his memory recordings. Tonight’s show features listening pearls from Bill Nelson, Jóhann Jóhannsson, Autistici, Sylvain Chauveau, Lawrence English + Stephen Vitiello, Christian Fennesz, Polaroïde ¬ Strand, Roedelius, Federico Durand, Ryan Teague, Felicia Atkinson, Ryoji Ikeda, Maps and Diagrams, Machinefabriek, Loscil, Pan•American, el fog, Nobukazu Takemura, Lusine Icl, Frank Bretschneider, Jan Jelinek, Frank Bretschneider + Taylor Deupree, Shinichi Atobe and Boards Of Canada.

Once again, a massive thanks to Colin and Twistedsoul for offering me this fantastic opportunity. Twistedsoul’s radio show airs Thursdays at 10:00 p.m., exclusive to Blue-in-Green:RADIO. Listen in!

Ümlaut (Jeff Düngfelder)
Imran Mirza

I love discovering something I've never heard before and sharing that feeling with like-minded people who embrace the music in the same way. You're welcome to join me on more of my musical misadventures on Blue-in-Green:RADIO.

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