Free jazz collective Peace Flag Ensemble unveil second album

Peace Flag Ensemble, the free jazz collective from Saskatchewan, Canada, recently dropped the beautifully restrained track ‘You Can’t Pin Joy Like A Moth’. The collective is previewing their second album Astral Plains, which will drop next month.

The lineup comprises a range of artistic backgrounds, from seasoned players to left-field experimentalists, centred around Jon Neher (piano) and Travis Packer (electric bass). Michael Thievin (percussion), Paul Gutheil (sax)  Dalton Lam (trumpet) joins Patrick Shiroishi and Nick Walters on the upcoming record.

Peace Flag Ensemble is a rising star in experimental jazz. The collective employs spacious and blue-sky arrangements and production, creating a sense of openness and expansiveness in their music. Their creative use of instruments and improvisation creates an atmosphere of serenity and contemplation.

Opening with the gentle caress of piano keys from Neher, ‘You Can’t Pin Joy Like A Moth’ will take you to a place of reflection and thought.

CF Smith

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