Between The Cracks: Essential Releases You May Have Missed

With so much good music coming through thick and fast, it’s easy for albums to drop online and go overlooked. Check out our weekly mini-guide to the essential releases you may have missed. Happy listening – and don’t forget to hit the links and support the artists.


Brandee Younger – Brand New Life

‘Brand New Life’ is Brandee Younger’s second album on Impulse! Records. The album blends jazz, funk, R&B and pop and features original compositions and covers of classic songs. Younger’s unique approach to her instrument of choice, the harp, is exemplified in tracks like ‘You’re a Girl for One Man Only’, ‘Livin’ and Lovin’ in My Own Way’ and ‘Dust’.


Domenico Lancellotti – sramba

Brazilian singer and songwriter Domenico Lancellotti Is back! Lancellotti takes it up a notch with his sound as warm tropicalia intertwines with vintage analogue synthesisers. This album works to the template of sramba but completely revamps its blueprint, indoctrinating guitar and percussion-led rhythms with analogue synths. In doing so, Lancellotti, with the help of Ricardo Dias Gomes, avoids any thoughts of repetition and brings something completely fresh to the table.


Rogê – Curyman

Put some Brazilian magic into your Friday with this joyous samba-funk, tinged with soul album by Roge that will make you happy and give you a spring in your step. The album’s mix of upbeat rhythms and joyful melodies is sure to put a smile on your face and get you grooving. Roge’s rhythms will transport you to Brazil, with its vibrant culture and sunny beaches, for a feel-good getaway. So turn it up loud and let the music take you away!


Eddie Chacon – Sundown

There is something of a renaissance going on in Eddie Chacon’s career at the moment, thanks in no small part to John Kirby Carroll. Slick production from JKC creates the perfect soundbed for Chacon’s golden voice to float atop. ‘Sundown’, his follow-up to the 2020 album ‘Pleasure, Joy And Happiness’, is a masterclass in simplicity, providing a sense of calm and peace. The music is beautiful and calming, creating a sense of serenity that is truly special. It’s a must-hear album.


Alex Albrecht – Coles Ridge

My taste in house music has changed over the years, so I enjoy my house music a little slower these days. Luckily, Alex Albrecht’s releases on The Analogue Attic imprint provide the perfect solution. Moving to a slower house groove, his use of warm, analogue textures and lush atmospheres, mixed with intricate piano melodies and tonal themes, is music to my ears. It’s the kind of album that can provide an apt soundtrack to watch the sunrise.


Sachi Kobayashi – Melodies in the Garden

Sachi Kobayashi believes that nature’s beauty can be expressed through music. On her latest album, she does just that with nine tracks inspired by her deep connection with nature. Melodies in the Garden is for those seeking a calming yet adventurous musical journey. Kobayashi explores ambient music’s vast and fascinating universe spicing it up with intriguing field recordings – it’s a lovely listen.



Khaliji – Home Made

On Khaliji’s EP, improvisations filmed on friends’ phones were used as references during the recording of the EP and interpreted in a new way. The result is diverse approaches to Arabic and Mediterranean-inspired music stylistic leanings. A little bit of a slow-grower that took a little while to sink in – but when it does…


Malphino – Sue​ñ​o EP

Here’s some music that will surely bring a smile to your face and a bit of tropical warmth to your day. Malphino released their latest EP, Suenõ. Prepare for four tracks filled with dreamy and hypnotic melodies and tropical Afro-Latin rhythms. It’s the ideal soundtrack for a sunny day, sure to evoke a feeling of summer no matter what the season. 


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