The Beauty Of ‘Turbulence And Pulse’

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Asher Gamedze, the talented and mystical drummer based in Cape Town, South Africa, has always been known for churning out tracks meant to move the soul down to its inner core. However, the musical bar that he has set at an already high level has been elevated to an even more impressive standard with the release of his moving album, ‘Turbulence and Pulse’.

An innovative musician considered one of the hottest new talents in modern jazz, Asher’s work continues to be on a roll, especially with the positive reception of Turbulence and Pulse. And with the power and beauty of the pieces included in the album, the praise definitely comes with merit.

Turbulence and Pulse is an album that is filled with hope and personal agency. It is an album that tells its listeners to move forward with freedom and the full belief in the thought that everything that happens from this moment onwards is within the capacity of our personal wills and that the future is not pre-determined β€” on the other hand β€” it is unfolding as we speak.

In a short documentary flick where Asher talks about the album and its creation process in more detail, he shared, “At the heart of what I want to do conceptually and politically with this album and the ideas around it, is to really give the sense of history and time: (A) not being finished (so being unfolding), and (B), something that people actually create…to (kind of) inspire as many people have done before and continue to do β€” inspire a form of radical agency in relation to the historical process.”

Turbulence and Pulse was created with the same core members that lent a hand with Asher’s previous album’ Dialectic Soul’ and a new inclusion by the name of Julian ‘Deacon’ Otis, who contributed to the vocals for the latest album. One could say that the previous album’s spirituality and artistic “soul” carried on to Turbulence and Pulse.

Harmony and finding rhythm despite individual differences was one of the key sentiments that can be reflected upon from the documentary in appreciating Turbulence and Pulse.

The beauty of the improvisational jazz that heavily influenced the album from its titular track ‘Turbulence’s Pulse’ all the way down to ‘Out Stepped Zim’ is that it finds unity amidst the musical diversity.

The boldness and creative depth of Turbulence and Pulse beckons to its listeners to find that inner freedom in their lives as well. The album is a political and spiritual rebellion against the normalcy that has subtly shaped and formed our lives and way of thinking down into a single uniform direction.

The beauty of Turbulence and Pulse is that through the blending of its tones and nuances, it is able to communicate one coherent musical harmony that expresses itself as a whole. And with this liberal expression in mind, the same can hopefully be done in one’s personal present and future as well.

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