Bokani Dyer set to release new album, Radio Sechaba , this Friday

Bokani Dyer continues his creative journey of making rich, immersive music that defies categorisation with the upcoming release of his new album, Radio Sechaba. With his latest collection, he takes a significant step forward by drawing on an array of influences that takes the jazz music that Dyer has built his career on and expands into uncharted territories.

The 15-song record features tracks that deliciously meld vibrant jazz-base styles that take in African rhythms, soulful grooves, funk-fuelled guitars, hip-hop proclamations, and blissful vocal harmonies. If you’re someone who claims to dislike jazz music. This album may change your mind.

“This is the first album of mine that is really drawing on all my influences and putting them into one thing,” says Dyer of the music on Radio Sechaba. “So from song to song you get different types of sounds and music and different approaches, and there is some quiet stuff and there is some loud stuff too.”

Radio Sechaba explores the topics of nation-building and unity, providing a fascinating look into the diverse people of South Africa and an opportunity to connect with audiences across the globe and share the rich musical heritage of his home continent.

Dyer’s music has always reflected his personal experiences and cultural identity; Radio Sechaba is no exception. The album’s title, which translates to “Nation Radio”, serves as a call for unity. The lead single ‘Resonance of Truth’ finds Dyer calling for self-liberation over an upbeat melody capturing the strength and vibrancy of the country. While its follow-up, ‘Move On’, is sung in the Setswana language ‘Tiya Mowa’, it celebrates self-confidence and empowerment through resonant bass, melodic piano, and harmonious vocals. These two tracks establish the tone for the entire album. Another standout track is ‘Ke Nako’, which means ‘the time has come’; ‘it is time’ in Sotho, and speaks to the urgency of change and progress in South Africa.

Throughout the album, Dyer’s piano playing takes centre stage, showcasing his virtuosity and ability to weave together different musical traditions into something unique.

Radio Sechaba showcases a groundbreaking style of South African jazz, with Bokani Dyer being one of its most prominent trailblazers.

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