Between The Cracks: New Albums & Reissues That Need Your Attention


Welcome to your new Between The Cracks featuring eight releases that need your attention. As always, no lengthy write-ups, as who reads those anyway? We keep it short and to the point because you’re here to listen to the music! If you enjoy our chosen music this week, please click the links below and support the artists. Don’t forget to share the music with your friends if you like it. Enjoy!


Angel Bat Dawid – Requiem For Jazz

Music lovers received a treat with the release of Requiem For Jazz, the latest work from the remarkable Angel Bat Dawid, acclaimed composer, clarinetist, singer, and educator. Once again, her exploratory nature and experimentation with different sounds and textures come to the fore. Requiem For Jazz, released on International Anthem, is emotionally gripping and intellectually stimulating; experience jazz’s power for yourself.


Daniel Rotem – Wave Nature

Saxophonist Daniel Rotem’s latest album uses his discerning ear to create a singular sound. The result is a diverse and accessible album, drawing on various styles but constantly moving around, never settling in one place for too long. Wave Nature’s rich and deep tone adds to the jazz-like sounds but doesn’t exactly fit into the jazz genre. His playing always feels natural and effortless, allowing the listener to explore his music’s sonic textures. If you are interested in exploring new sounds, press play.


Micolono – Cluster 1

If you’re an adventurous music fan, you should listen closely to the new Mioclono album. At the end of 2016, Oriol Riverola and Arnau Obiols initial recording session took place at Angel Sound Studios in the beautiful city of Barcelona, assisted by engineer Miquel Mestres. The tradition has continued, and the trio has kept meeting for recording sessions at the end of the year. Cluster 1 is the outcome of the initial recording session held in 2016. Discover the allure of Mioclono’s annual end-of-year ritual, where the music blends Fourth World rhythms with melodic ease, creating a captivating listening experience. Whether you’re an electronic fan, ambient music, or something in between, Cluster 1 is worth exploring.


Loren Chasse & Juho Toivonen – Aclod

Aclod is a lovely, remotely recorded collaboration between kindred spirits Juho Toivonen and Loren Chasse. One of the great things about kindred spirits is that they can often help each other become more creative and inspired. That is certainly the case with this unique, intriguing 30-minute journey through drone ambient and field recordings. Deftly played and impeccably crafted, it features melodeon, metalophone, gong, guitar, Juno synth, water bowls and pebbles. Let’s hope they stay connected remotely or otherwise and make lots of gorgeous music together. Lovely stuff.


Jaffar Hussain Randhawa – Guldasta

What a beautiful album, and the opener, “Thumri Pahadi”, is one of the most meditative Hindustani classical pieces you’ll hear in some time. With his clarinet in hand, Jaffar Hussain Randhawa is a master at work – a classic sound surrounded by so much experimentation. So, wear your finest headphones to get the most out of your music-listening experience. You won’t regret it.


Mette Henriette – Drifting

We have been waiting for her return for a long time! The Sámi-Norwegian saxophonist, composer, and improviser have been quiet for some time, but finally, we have new music from Mette Henriette in the form of a brand-new album entitled Drifting. Recorded in Oslo, completed in Studios La Buissonne and produced by Manfred Eicher, the album features Johan Lindvall on piano and Judith Hamann on cello alongside Henriette. An intensely hypnotic, soothing, liberating, and fresh jazz record, Drifting is delightful to listen to.


Hanakiv – Goodbyes

Estonian-born, London-based sound artist and pianist Hanakiv unveil her debut album ‘Goodbyes’. This stunning debut draws on ambient, experimental soundscapes and prepared piano music and features a magnificent performance by one and only Alabaster dePlume. This entrancing album should more than appeal to fans of Hania Rani. 



Sipho Gumede – Something to Say

Great work from Vive La Musique label founder Aroop Roy bringing us four outstanding tracks from multi-talented South African bass player – Sipho Gumede. Get ready for some Zulu vocals, South African jazz with drum machines, American boogie instrumentation and sweet melodies.


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