Greg Foat and Art Themen team up for collaborative album, Off Piste

‘Off Piste’ is the new collaborative project from the immensely creative minds of Greg Foat and Art Themen. Last year, the pair worked together for the first time as Foat performed live at Vinyl Sessions – a series from The Vinyl Factory and Soho Radio, where artists record direct-to-dubplate, captured in a single take. ‘Four Sides to Every Story’ featured four spontaneous, improvised compositions from Foat, Themen, Baldo Verdu and Moses Boyd.

Building on their previous work together, ‘Off Piste’ continues their scintillating exploration of their union’s possibilities, with the artists revelling in its creative freedom. Alongside Foat and Themen, the new album features guitarist Gavin Sutherland, harpist Amanda Whiting, electric bassist Philip Achille, and drummer Nadav Schneerson.

Opening with ‘Fresh Snow, the track is light like snowflakes dancing in the gentle breeze. ‘La Partida’ is a lovely lilting cut that sounds like the theme tune to a 60’s detective series. The title track is an atmospheric saxophone and synth affair that creates a tranquil vibe. Every note is carefully chosen to create a unique soundscape. The result is a beautiful, heartfelt piece. The album closes with ‘Apres Ski’, a dreamy track that takes you on a journey to paradise.

The pair has created a timeless and unique sound using the renowned Edinburgh-based Chamber Studio and its stunning Neve desk to capture the session. This music celebrates the spontaneous energy of the live performance while maintaining a strong focus on composition, texture and atmosphere.

One of the standout elements of the album is the beautiful tone of Themen’s saxophone, which Foat has cited as one of his all-time favourites – a truly remarkable album.

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