Ursa Major Moving Group announces debut album

Photo by Wasil Schauseil.

‘Welcome To The Noosphere’ by Ursa Major Moving Group, the solo alias of singer and composer Ursula Russell, is a compelling protest track that blends fragile, close-mic vocals, crashing drums and softly jangling guitars. Fans of The Pixies, Joni Mitchell, and Arthur Russell are sure to be satisfied with this rousing piece of indie folk. As well as the song, Russell announced that her self-titled debut album will arrive on Faith & Industry Records on June 9th.

“This album is the place of integration of many separate selves. It tells the story of a long journey
through a process of individuation, which is the word used in depth psychology for the cultivation
of the psyche into a coherent whole – the process of becoming one’s “true self”.

Ursa Major Moving Group

Ursa Major Moving Group Tracklist:

1. Reverse Invisible

2. Welcome To The Noosphere

3. Boundaries (For Linda)

4. Baby

5. Goodbye George

6. Says Diane

7. She Pixelates *

8. Requiem For A Customer *

* (Digital only)

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