Babsy Konate – Super Mariage (TS Premiere)

April 28th will see the release of Tounga, the first release of Malian producer Baba “Babsy” Konate‘s solo work.

Babsy Konate has crafted a playful tribute to 2000s PC music with Tounga, a collection of decade-old tracks that merge autotuned vocals, crunchy drum loops, and plucked digital harpsichords. This mix of cultures has a sense of familiarity and otherworldliness: folkloric takamba from Songhai culture, Hausa film soundtracks, hip-hop from Bamako, and ragga from Niamey, to name a few.

Having already shared the vibrant and Caribbean-flavored first single ‘Erness Fassa’, we’re exclusively revealing the highly infectious second track, ‘Super Mariage’ on the site.

‘Super Mariage’ blends ear-pleasing scratching and hypnotic drum loops with a shimmering electronic synth underbelly. This is a fascinating mix of sounds that Konate masterfully weaves together. Konate’s autotuned vocals frame the rest of the track’s production firmly.

The track is offered with an accompanying video; you can watch it above.

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