Zima Stulecia – New electronic project from EABS and Błoto members

Zima Stulecia consists of Marek ‘Latarnik’ Pędziwiatr and Marcin ‘Cancer G’ Rak. The musical duo are also members of EABS and Błoto, and they will release their debut album as Zima Stulecia on 28 February. The title of their full-length is Minus 30°C, which links the duo’s birth year, 1987, with their band name Zima Stulecia which translates to the last of the historic “winters of the century” that occurred at that time in Poland.

If you’re into melancholic electronic music with subtle house tones and heavy techno beats, you will like Zima Stulecia. The emphasis lies on improvised synth and percussion music.

Their compelling collection of songs is born out of the afterimages of 90’s action movies like Predator, Terminator, and Robocop; these soundtracks nestled in the heads of Rak and Pędziwiatr for years and finally found expression on their upcoming debut album.

‘Ostatnia taka zima’ is the first single from the upcoming album. Not a big fan of the cold well, I’m sure at least you’ll get a warm feeling from Latarnik’s vibrant synth notes and Cancer G’s exhilarating percussive grooves to your wintery bones.

Astigmatic Records once again releases another excellent project. Pre-order Minus 30°C here.

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