Julian Klaas unveils debut album, Impromptu

On his debut LP ‘Impromptu’, Julian Klaas presents a stunning work of sonic ambivalence inspired by the beauty and potential of the Wurlitzer piano. The album feels familiar and novel, warping the piano in unexpected, playful ways. Classically trained in violin, Klaas has previously produced organic electronic music under the guise of Plateau Green, releasing his debut EP ‘The Arch of Our Eye’s Orbit’ in 2017. Granted his sister’s old piano by chance, he began a journey of exploration and improvisation. Familiarising himself with this new instrument became a sacred ritual out of which ‘Impromptu’ was born. Taking on a stripped-back approach, Klaas draws from the simple elements of lush melodies, tape loops and intentional glitches to explore the magic in fleeting moments.

Pre-order Impromptu via Squama Recordings Bandcamp page.

Caroline Whiteley

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