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Welcome to a new ‘Between The Cracks’. The new releases are coming in, but we’re mostly still picking goodies from last year that are just grabbing our attention. You can read about each album and play it on the website via the Bandcamp player. As always, please support the artists by purchasing their music. We hope you enjoy reading and listening!


Fabiano Do Nascimento & Itiberê Zwarg Collective – Rio Bonito

Rio Bonito is an enchanting and relaxing journey through Fabiano’s compositions arranged by Itiberê Zwarg. A quiet night at home calls for this kind of music, but it works even better played loudly through a decent audio system.


Fabiano do Nascimento with Arthur Verocai and Vittor Santos’ Orquestra – Lendas

As I finished listening to Rio Bonito, I realised that Fabiano had dropped a new album. Lush guitar, sweeping strings, delicate woodwind, and ear-tingling compositions; everything just up my street. The orchestral arrangements by Vittor Santos and Arthur Verocai hit the sweet spot. A lovely album where you’ll discover new things after many spins.


Gold Panda – The Work

Gold Panda returns to City Slang for his first album in six years. ‘The Work’ emerged from reflections on drinking and becoming a father. It’s a place where playful textures and bright melodies shine. All round, this is another quality release and well worth the wait.


Sudan Archives – Natural Brown Prom Queen 

Somehow we missed this one when it dropped last year. Sudan Archives follows up her stunning Stones Throw debut album with another that is just as impressive. The singer and violinist continue to captivate audiences with her bold lyricism and charismatically eclectic sound, mixing several genres, like R&B, soul, pop, hip-hop and electronic music. Across the album, Archives explores themes of race, womanhood and family. Natural Brown Prom Queen features singles’ Home Maker’ and ‘Selfish Soul’. Essential. 



The Collective – Idrissa’s Dream 

Strut delves into the archives of Idris Ackamoor & The Pyramids with a first-ever vinyl release of Ackamoor’s debut avant-garde / Afro-jazz recordings from 1971 with The Collective. The package features a new interview with Idris Ackamoor and rare photos. Props out to Strut!


HAMSI Boubeker – Le Chant Des Profondeurs

HAMSI Boubeker’s ode to freedom, peace and brotherhood, ‘Le Chant Des Profondeurs’, gets a welcome reissue. Despite absorbing jazz, Irish and Breton folk traditions into its sound, this fantastic Berber-influenced music remains true to itself. This blend of styles, moods, and surprises produces a warm and musically exciting experience. You owe it to yourself to check it out! Another impressive reissue from Frederiksberg Records.



Various Artists – Down & Out

We are a bit late, but we couldn’t pass it up. NTS’s Down & Out is a superb compilation of rare outsider folk recordings, mostly from private press releases between 1968 and 1980 from the UK and the US. Irrespective of its obscureness, the music is gorgeous. To fully appreciate this album, you need time and patience. Taking this approach will lead you to an appreciation of the true beauty of this collection. 



Valentina Magaletti and Fanny Chiarello – Permanent Draft

Like most of the music this week, this recommendation comes to you late, although not too late, as the EP only dropped early last month. As always, Valentina Magaletti is excellent. The versatile drummer hooks up with novelist and poet Fanny Chiarello for a two-track that moves from the percussive groove of ‘Migraine’, to the ethereal textures of ‘The Bitter Truth’. Released on Permanent Draft, an all-women label that “aims to highlight works showing certain taste for fragmentary, irrepressible creation eruption and lo-fi experiments.” It will be exciting to see what they do next.


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