James Holden returns with fourth album, Imagine This Is A High Dimensional Space Of All Possibilities

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James Holden has a sound that always commands your attention. He possesses a magnetic energy that will leave you transfixed as he pushes his creativity towards experimentation. Following a six-year hiatus, Holden returns with an impeccably twisted new track ‘Contains Multitudes’, one of this month’s most vital offerings thus far.

In almost ten minutes, Holden leads a joyous synth and tabla jamboree that breaks down seamlessly into bold piano flourishes and trembling violin. The song is lifted from his upcoming fourth album, Imagine This Is A High Dimensional Space of All Possibilities.

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“I wanted this to be my most open record, uncynical, naive, unguarded, the record teenage me wanted to make,” Holden notes of the album. “I used to balance my clock-radio on a wardrobe to catch the faint pirate FM signals from the nearest city, dreaming of what raves would be like when I could finally escape and become a New Age traveller.”

You can find the vinyl and CD’S of the forthcoming album in all good record stores as Holden explains, “Had a few people asking if we’ll be selling vinyl and CDs of my new one via Bandcamp, we won’t because we don’t want to eat independent record shops’ lunch, they’re a really important part of the culture.”

Thumbs up to the eternal outsider.

Imagine This Is A High Dimensional Space of All Possibilities Tracklist:

1. You Are In A Clearing

2. Contains Multitudes 09:14

3. Common Land

4. Trust Your Feet

5. The Missing Key

6. In The End You’ll Know

7. Continuous Revolution

8. Four Ways Down The Valley

9. Worlds Collide Mountains Form

10. The Answer Is Yes

11. Infinite Fadeout

12. You Can Never Go Back

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