Neil Cowley announces new album, Battery Life

Today we bring you the stunning and soothing sounds from pianist and composer Neil Cowley. Battery Life is his upcoming album, and we can already listen to a cut from it, ‘Ticker Tape’.

The London-based artist creates a colourful soundscape resting on a bed of soft piano keys. In recent times, everyone has needed some healing, and Cowley’s latest serves as a musical balm for the listeners. After a long, hard day, this song is what you need.

Cowley offers the following insight into the forthcoming album:

“It is a record of abstract memories and stolen excerpts. It is my perception of the past before the detail is filled in. Blurred pictures, strange details, a feeling, a smell and above all the freedom to redefine the past at my whim. In an age where we are able to archive virtually any amount of life experience at the press of a button, it calls into question the value of a memory, both undetailed and detailed.”

Battery Life will see the light of day on March 24th via Mote. Pre-order the 12″ vinyl version, CD or digital download here.

Battery Life Tracklist:

1. I Must Be Liked

2. Automata

3. Breaka

4. Ticker Tape

5. Arkansas

6. Personal Effects

7. Telegrams

8. Scarab Beetle

9. Life On Silent

10. Cord

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