Sarah Pagé unveils new album, Voda

Photo by Thomas Boucher.

Every once in a while, an artist will pop up that you haven’t heard for a long time. An excellent example of this is Sarah Page. We last heard from Pagé in 2019, when she released her spellbinding debut album, Dose Curves. We were excited to receive an email from Gabe Birnbaum, the source of high-quality music, telling us that Pagé was releasing a new track and album. The lead single, Medusa, is more pensive and moody than the Pagé we knew in 2019.

But it expertly combines her exploratory harp meditations with rhythmically plucked cello and oscillating bass layers.

This is a change of direction for Pagé and was worth the wait. Over nine dynamic movements, SP’s beautiful harp playing sits exquisitely alongside cellist Vera Ronkos and bassist Jonah Fortune. The album Voda explores mortality and vitality as they entwine humankind’s relationship to water. A must-try for fans of Nils Frahm, Mary Lattimore, and Nala Sinephro.

While Dose Curves was entirely built around the harp, the new album has a much wider scope and orchestration, initially rooted in a composition SP did for dance piece centred around water with tracks representing “symbols drawn from Russian myth and poetry: a peasant woman washing her clothes in a river, an immortal water nymph encountering the concept of death; a dripping wet cave, a spa, a swamp, the abyss.”

Leizel Sabando

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