Jonathan Bockelmann – Lihan (Live Video)

Photo by Tobias Friedauer.

It’s an exciting day for Munich-based label Squama Records. The jazz/crossover imprint will release the debut album by guitarist and electronic musician Jonathan Bockelmann. Entitled Childish Mind, the upcoming album will see the light of day on February 17th.

With his brother Ferdi, he is known for his work with the electronic duo GLASKIN. The pair weave IDM, ambient, jungle, and techno genres together.

He takes his sound and the acoustic guitar to new places on his forthcoming solo record, presenting a series of calming and serene pieces. From the gentle webs and patterns, Jonathan creates, there’s a sense of meditativeness throughout the album—his music radiates out, filling moments with a sense of ease and calmness.

Alongside the album announcement, Bockelmann has released the lead single, ‘Lihan’.

With only his meticulously plucked strings accompanying him, this beautiful track takes the guitar to exciting places, demonstrating the concept of “less is more.”

The single comes with a live video; you can watch it below.

Many of the ideas he explores throughout Childish Mind are born from thoughts he’s had for many years, leading to the album’s title. There’s a wondrousness to his compositions that never fades—not unlike a childlike discovery and curiosity. Jonathan finds space in simplicity, letting every melody tumble out with effervescence.

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