M. Takara & Carla Boregas releasing second collaborative album

Brazil-born, German-based duo M.Takara & Carla Boregas find a new home on Hive Mind Records with their second full-length LP ‘Grande Massa D’Agua’. With an ever-present influence of water flowing through their lives, they dive into uncharted musical depths. In discussing the duo’s relationship with water, Mauricio said: 

“…In the beginning of the pandemic we decided to take a turn and move to a small beach close to São Paulo, and that’s right in the middle of the rainforest, so by then water definitely took a major role in our lives. We were living right in between the ocean and a waterfall, it’d rain for days on a roll sometimes and it was an open house where we had the sound of rain 360 degrees around us… I kinda think our music has a little of those different dynamics of water in its different states. Also, it might seem strange but São Paulo is a city in the water too, and it has a very chaotic relationship with it.” 

Across seven stylistically ambiguous tracks, the duo rubs together free jazz percussion with experimental electronics, delicately plucked harpsichord strings, oh-so blissful gongs, and field recordings. Free jazz, drone, or krautrock, no matter what labels you stick on, you have never heard anything like it before.

Full of sonic ambition from the start, check out the propulsive rhythms that sit against the playful melodies and dense electroacoustic soundscape of the lead track, Desenho #5.

Grande Massa D’Agua is easily among the best projects released on the eclectic Brighton label. Pre-order here.

Grande Massa D’Agua Tracklist:

1. Desenho #7

2. Aurino

3. Massaguaçu

4. Jundu

5. Desenho #5 

6. Areia Preta

7. Princípio

If you’re looking for precedents then we could say their sound contains clear influences from jazz, the most heavily manipulated vintage dub or krautrock, the outer limits of post-punk. Possible contemporaries might include Holy Tongue, Shackleton or Oren Ambarchi, but really you’ll just have to listen and draw your own conclusions. 

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