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It’s Friday, so it’s time for a new ‘Between The Cracks’ to see you over the weekend. This week we have everything from twisted piano minimalism, to jazz drone adventures, to Cumbia-inspired electronic music and much more. As always, no lengthy write-ups, as who reads those anyway? Check out our weekly mini-guide below and if you like what you hear, click the links and support the artists.


Duval Timothy – Meeting with a Judas Tree

Even more impressive than his last solo LP. The brilliant Duval Timothy returns with a new album that showcases his singular style. The music on the album was created during a recording session between 2019 and 2022 at various studios in London, Freetown and the Italian city of Spoleto. Recorded on different pianos, be prepared to be taken on a winding journey through jazz, electronic, classical, and field recordings. A breathtaking and inventive album. 


Dezron Douglas – ATALAYA

As bassist/bandleader Dezron Douglas says in his liner notes for ATALAYA: “Welcome to the Black Lion rocket ship.” Dezron’s crew summons the dynamism of Coltrane’s classic quartet, Dave Holland’s Quintet on Prime Directive, Charles Mingus on Nostalgia In Times Square… swinging virtuosically and firing on all four cylinders. But there’s nothing remotely revisionist here – Dezron and his quartet embody poetry, presence, artistic and emotional clarity in every note they play.


Sun-Mi Hong – Third Page: Resonance

The Amsterdam-based drummer and composer Sun-Mi Hong brings you a vibrant new jazz sound. The 8-track record, with her long-running quintet, balances meticulously crafted compositions with investigations into the great unknown of improvised music. Highly recommended.


Uusi Aika – Uusi Aika

The latest release from the immaculate We Jazz Records is from a new musical ensemble from Finland consisting of creative multi-instrumentalists Otto Eskelinen, Tapani Varis, Johannes Sarjasto and Amanda Blomqvist. Introspective and meditative, the quartet’s music slowly unfolds and sometimes brings to mind some deep abstract electronic music or experimental dub explorations. You will be captivated by this album’s seven splendid and utterly beautiful instrumentals.


Bog Bodies – Bog Bodies

Make your Friday a little more interesting with the jazz drone adventures of Bog Bodies for MIC Records as the trio of Robert Stillman, Anders Holst, and Seán Carpio delve into deep time to carve sonic abstractions across their self-titled new album. It’s almost impossible to pull yourself away from Bog Bodies’ nearly 60-minute release, which delivers an avant-garde musical excursion that keeps listeners captivated. For fans of experimental artists like Lynn Avery or Szun Waves.


Chancha Via Circuito – La Estrella 

A brilliant fusion of cumbia-inspired electronic music, environmental sounds and South American folkloric traditions from Argentinian artist Chancha Via Circuito, who makes the contrasting sounds flow together effortlessly. It features some stellar collaborations, with our pick being the soothingly seductive ‘Cometa’ featuring Femina. As we’ve come to expect from Chancha Via Circuito, his latest album is packed with variety.



Various Artists – Medusozoa Vol.2

As hinted by its title, Medusozoa Vol 2 swims freely in a warm sea of introspective, ambient and downtempo tracks. Featuring previously unreleased songs and fresh creative discoveries, this album explores moods across genres, giving listeners a sense of flight. Highlights include tracks from Space Ghost, Glenn Astro, Max Graef and Uffe, ABUNAI, and Athletic Whippet. 


Various Artists – Thorn Valley 

London-based label/record shop World Of Echo marks its fourth anniversary with an exciting 20-song compilation album. Entitled Thorn Valley, the album features various transmissions from the ever-diffuse and widening DIY underground, including Tara Clerkin & Sunny Joe Paradisos, Blackwater, Komare, Moin, Valentina Magaletti, and more. 


DJ-Kicks: Theo Parrish

The tired and tested DJ Kicks script gets well and truly flipped by the free-spirited Theo Parrish. For the latest in the respected and prestigious mix series, we find Parrish inviting his Detroit buddies to produce a collection of brand-new material and, in turn, create the first-ever all-exclusive entry to the esteemed series. It’s a brilliant curveball from the Detroit outsider, but what else would you expect?



Monzanto Sound – Tomorrow, Tomorrow & Tomorrow

Within the span of 19 minutes, Monzanto Sound shifts from psychedelic neo-soul to deep dub and krautrock-inspired grooves. And…that voice!


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