Christina Galisatus – I Want to Know Her (TS Premiere)

Photo by Jacob Skaggs and Nick Vaughn.

Our first encounter with Christina Galisatus was through the Jeff Parker-assisted track, ‘Root’. This single served as an excellent introduction to her amazing talents.

For years, she worked tirelessly to earn the respect of the music industry’s male gatekeepers; now, she’s determined to do things her way and refuses to give in to what others expect of her. Now is the time for Christina Galisatus to be discovered.

The emerging LA-based composer and pianist is gearing up to release her debut album ‘Without Night’. With a rich vein of folk-inspired chamber jazz, some of the West Coast’s finest jazz musicians blend emotional lyrical themes with top-notch musicianship.

If you’re looking for creative, well-crafted, heartfelt songs accompanied by colourful full-band arrangements, then ‘Without Night’ is ripe for you.

On the album is Christina Galisatus – (compositions/arrangements, piano), Erin Bentlage (vocals), Michael Blasky (tenor saxophone), Steven Lugerner (bass clarinet), Brandon Bae (guitar), Joshua Crumbly (bass), and Zev Shearn-Nance (drums).

Today we’ve got the premiere of the enthralling and gorgeous new track ‘I Want to Know Her’. A slightly more dramatic and explosive sound with a new sense of strength and determination in Galisatus’ work. Yet the production retains the warm and mellow character we’ve come to expect from Galisatus.

January 27th marks the album’s official release date, and pre-orders are available via Bandcamp.

“The music that I’ve always been drawn to, whether it’s listening to music or performing and composing, has always been music that just feels beautiful to me”

Christina Galisatus

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