Twistedsoul Presents Blue-In-Green:RADIO Guest Mix ~ Nathan ‘Tugg’ Curran

We’re proud to unveil another episode of our collaborative project with Twistedsoul, which sees Colin Smith curate a set of monthly guest shows and mixes with new episodes unveiled on the first Monday of every month.

This month’s instalment introduces some fantastic selections courtesy of drummer and multi-instrumentalist Nathan Curran.

Having established his music through the Planet Battagon project via London’s @onthecornerrecords, Curran now seeks to boldly usher in his own shared cosmic jazz extended universe by stretching the narrative to include the mysterious and isolated planet, Edrix Puzzle. With the ‘Coming of the Moon Dogs’ full-length now available, Curran’s far-reaching vision achieves monumental new heights, and we’re thrilled to feature Nathan Curran as part of this guest mix series.

For Curran’s incredible selections tonight, you can expect some gems from the Edrix Puzzle and Planet Battagon catalogues, along with music from Frank Zappa, SAULT Alice Coltrane, Herbie Hancock, Daniel Wang, AphexTwin and more.


Imran Mirza

I love discovering something I've never heard before and sharing that feeling with like-minded people who embrace the music in the same way. You're welcome to join me on more of my musical misadventures on Blue-in-Green:RADIO.

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