Between The Cracks: Essential Releases From Across The Musical Landscape

Welcome to your new Between The Cracks featuring ten releases from across the musical landscape. As always, no lengthy write-ups as who reads those anyway? We keep it short and to the point because you’re here to listen to the music! If you enjoy the music we have chosen this week, please click on the links below and support the artists.


High Pulp – Pursuit of Ends

This band from Seattle, Washington, is still under the radar for many despite a stellar album and several solid EP’s. It’s their loss, as this new release encompassing free jazz with an electronic flair and punk attitude has so much to offer. This album just gets better and better and better with each play. Pursuit of Ends is an exciting musical journey through a constantly changing music landscape with many highlights.


Nim Sadot – FELIX

From the first time I heard guitarist Nim Sadot’s 2018 Nim Quartet project, I was a fan. Joined once again by his core band of Nick Walters on trumpet, Hamish Balfour on keys, Laurie Lowe on drums with the addition of Idris Rahman on saxophone. The addition of Rahman is excellent! Nim’s guitar work is top-notch in this collection of songs that straddle the past and present. Highlights include ‘You Don’t Really Exist’, ‘Yep’, and ‘Don’t Be a Cowboy’, but ultimately, this is an album to savour as a whole.


Misha Panfilov – The Sea Will Outlive Us All

With a high-quality output for nearly a decade, we check in on Misha Panfilov from time to time. His work is stylistically varied despite always maintaining a consistent style and approach. On, The Sea Will Outlive Us All, psychedelic jazz, space music, and ambient exotica converge for a blissful, oh-so peaceful listening experience. Lovely work!


Matthieu Beck – Here Alone

Sitting somewhere between laid-back pop, breezy Balearic, and a touch of jazz, sonic bliss is what you can expect from this album. The work of Matthieu Beck is a hidden gem that deserves more attention. An artist as gifted as Beck only appears occasionally, so you’ve been warned don’t sleep. This album is for you if you want cosy music for the upcoming cold winter nights.


Joe Cain – Biorhythms 

Released at the end of July, the new album from Joe Cain is a 35-minute, 20-track ride that will delight fans of laid-back boom bap and tripped-out instrumental productions. Intricate beats, slick production and tantalising samples create an unhurried soundscape best enjoyed with headphones.


Horace Andy – Midnight Scorchers

‘Midnight Scorchers’ is a companion album to ‘Midnight Rockers’ by Jamaican singer Horace Andy. Those original tracks have been stripped back and rebuilt into dub reggae excursions and dancehall vibrations by the album’s producer, British dub pioneer Adrian Sherwood. Made for big speakers.



V/A – A Guide to the Birdsong of Western Africa

A Guide to the Birdsong of Western Africa is an album of music inspired by endangered birdsong. Artists such as Wau Wau Collectif, Les Mamans du Congo & Rrobin and more were challenged to make an original track using and inspired by the song of an endangered bird from their country. The music is excellent, and the cause is worthy.


V/A – For Ukraine (Volume 3)

Another beautiful collection from Headphone Commute curated by Rafael Anton Irisarri with all proceeds for the record going to Rescue to support displaced children and families with vital supplies during the ongoing Crisis in Ukraine. A worthy cause full of brilliant compositions.   



Vâyu – Namtar

Local field recordings, modular synthesis and effects pedals come together for the deeply immersive new release from Vâyu. Something is captivating about this project, from the altered sounds to the contemplative production to the gentle dub echoes and the subtle percussion. More killer music from the Huinali Recordings camp – don’t miss this one!


Al Wootton – Wyre

In the final part of a trilogy of EPs from Al Wootton, he presents deep, textural, off-kilter techno influenced by the forest. Four percussive-laden tracks with sparse rhythms, dubbed out and optimised for soundsystems. The headphone and dancefloor destroyer doesn’t disappoint once again.


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