Roméo Poirier returns with heady new LP on Jan Jelinek’s Faitiche, Living Room

Photo by Anna De Smet.

Living Room is the third solo album by Roméo Poirier and follows his much praised Hotel Nota. The French musician and producer explore the mysteries of music as a time-based art – not merely the piece’s duration but also the way time reflects autobiographical experience, historical dimensions, and stages of evolution over time.

Although initially a drummer, Poirier’s music primarily draws on his ever-expanding archive of self-recorded loops: “I always resample myself, using fragments of a track to make a new one, as an ongoing process. The sound is evolving with me in parallel, and the loops carry in their DNA all transformational stages, filled with previous tracks, sedimented.”

Living Room utilizes a collection of samples assembled by his father. It also continues the aquatic theme found in his past work, using a waterproof loudspeaker and a hydrophone to playback and re-record tracks in the bathtub.

Poirier gave us a taste of the album with the spellbinding ‘Muscle de sable’. Intricate details abound in this track: a delightful array of fourth-world fantasia, watery undercurrents, and jazzy nuances. Pre-order the 12″ vinyl version with digital download here.

Living Room Tracklist:

1. Statuario

2. Neos Kosmos

3. Bespoke

4. Porte Contre

5. Anna

6. Muscle de sable

7. Rotation séance

8. Le casi degli altri

9. Visiona

10. Impression couleurs

11. Les grandes lignes

12. Superstudio

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