Camilla George continues cultural exploration with 3rd album dedicated to her Nigerian lineage

‘Abasi Isang’ is the first track from Camilla George‘s upcoming album ‘Ibio-Ibio’. The visionary saxophonist creates a heady brew of afrobeat, hip hop and jazz in her music.

You will hear shimmering brass and horns on her new track, as well as polythrymic drums, guitar, twinkling keys, and George’s soaring saxophone. The sound is euphoric and exudes a joyous vibe. There’s an infectious groove and energy in this song that pays homage to the ‘God of Earth’, Abasi Isang.

The album brings together a stellar cross-section of London’s burgeoning jazz scene, with Daniel Casimir (bass), Shirley Tetteh (guitar), Winston Clifford (drums), Sheila Maurice-Grey (trumpet), Rosie Turton (trombone), Renato Paris (vocals), and Sarah Tandy (keys).

‘Ibio-Ibio’ is due for release on September 30th via Ever Records/!K7 Music. You can also catch George live by clicking here for tour dates including the album launch at the Jazz Cafe on November 16th.

Ibio-Ibio Tracklisting:

1. Creation – Abasi and Atai (ft Lady Sanity and Daru Jones)
2. Journey Across The Sea (ft Kadialy Kouyate, Sheila Maurice-Grey and Rosie Turton)
3. Ekpe (ft. Sheila Maurice-Grey and Rosie Turton)
4. The Juju Slave Route of Arochokwu (ft. Lady Sanity)
5. Ukpong (ft. Renato Paris and Sarah Tandy)
6. Abasi Enyong (ft Sarah Tandy)
7. Abasi Isang (ft. Sheila Maurice-Grey and Rosie Turton)
8. Creation – Nnyin Ido Ibibio (ft. Lady Sanity, Shirley Tetteh, Sarah Tandy and Daru Jones)

“This album is a celebration of roots, creation and community. The Ibibio people, related to the Anang are the most ancient settlers in Nigeria. They stand for community and togetherness – something that in these increasingly strange times, gives me guidance, hope and comfort. I have dedicated ‘Ibio- Ibio’ to the Ibibio people and celebrate our creation and beliefs. ‘Ibio-Ibio’ is a nickname for the Ibibio people, meaning brief/ short, which is a reference to our quick and direct way of doing things and not our height!”

Camilla George
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