Between The Cracks: Essential Releases From Across The Musical Landscape

Welcome to your new Between The Cracks featuring ten releases that need your attention. As always no lengthy write-ups as who reads those anyway? We keep it short and to the point because you’re here to listen to the music! If you enjoy the music we have chosen this week, please click on the links below and support the artists.


Michael Diamond – Third Culture

Created partly as an exploration of his cultural identity Michael Diamond recently dropped his debut LP, Third Culture, via Vasuki Sound. Taking inspiration from electronic music and jazz, the music across the album is indescribable. You can hear the elements of ethereal jazz breaks, introspective 2-step, sax-driven power ambient, and story-telling electronica without ever being able to pin down any specific style. Gilles Peterson’s Future Bubblers talent discovery program has uncovered another gem!


Félicia Atkinson – Image Language

By now, you’ve probably come to know how Félicia Atkinson’s spellbinding music well and truly smites us, and if not, then this is your chance. Atkinson has released her fourth studio album under her Shelter Press imprint, ‘Image Language’. It’s a collage of instruments recorded as if they were field recordings, sound images of instruments emitted from a keyboard, which Atkinson treats as characters, creating what she calls “a fantasy orchestra that doesn’t exist.” There is precision in every detail of Image Language, making it an accomplished and compelling piece of work. 


Mary Lattimore & Paul Sukeena – West Kensington

‘West Kensington’ is a collaboration between harpist Mary Lattimore and guitarist Paul Sukeena. The great Brian Eno and Alice Coltrane are guiding lights, as Lattimore’s delicate harp chords and Sukeena’s subtle guitar notes create a beautiful soundscape. A new age journey through a psychedelic landscape, this record is a headphone experience. Go for a ride.


Panic Girl – Memories

Childhood memories will resurface, bringing back the delights and innocence of your youth when you listen to the new Panic Girl album.


S.O.L.L – Mind Reader

S.O.L.L consist of Satin Singh, Oli Savill, Leon Britchard and Leon Stenning. With eight congas, electric bass and effected guitars guiding the melodies, they improvised their way through six hypnotic numbers with no preconceived idea of roles. At times psychedelic, at other times spiritual, always grooving with improvisation at its heart. Press play and enrich your mind.


Misha Sultan – Roots

Whatever you do, don’t let Roots by Misha Sultan slip under your radar. The endless waves of new music daily make it easy for some to get lost amidst the chaos. It’s exciting to hear original music that’s not easy to pin down to any genre. With elements Of Eurasian folk music, psychedelia, 90’S chill-out, breakbeat, dub, and field recordings running through his music, Roots refuses to fit into any neat box. Simply put, it’s terrific music – out on Hive Mind Records.


Md. After Hussain & PAQ – Matir Gaan

Mohammed After Hussain, a young Bengali migrant, and Andrea Rusconi (aka Paq), an electronic artist from Italy, collaborated to make Matir Gaan. The ten-track album combines the ancient folk songs of Md After’s homeland with Paq’s cosmic synth exotica to a delightful effect. Another winner from Hive Mind Records.


More from Hive Mind Records

Acid Mothers Reynols – Vol 2

Gustavo Yashimur – Living Legend of the Ayacucho Guitar

Sessa – Estrela Acesa

The latest offering from Sessa is ‘Estrela Acesa’, which continues in the tradition of his heavenly Grandeza album from 2019, and merges tropicália with the deepest references to golden-era late ‘60s and early ‘70s bossa and orchestral passages. With its stripped-back aesthetic and mellow atmosphere, Sessa’s pendants ruminate on love, sensual and spiritual, amid its hangover. Some of the highlights include ‘Gostar do Mundo’, ‘Canção da Cura’, ‘Música’, ‘Dor Fodida’, ‘Que Lado Você Dorme?’ and the title track. Absolutely stunning work.



Marysia Osu – Loop Collection 1

You’ve probably heard Marysia Osu’s delicate harp plucks without actually knowing it because the London musician has lent her skills to site favourites Levitation Orchestra, Scrapbook Mixtape, and Calabashed. So please do yourself a favour and let Osu sweep you into her blissful world by clicking play.



Fug / Bobby Lee & Mia Doi Todd – Home Remixes 4hero & A Mountain Of One Remixes

From the excellent Warm record label comes two mesmerising remixes. Fug’s ‘From Little Seeds We Grow’ is beautifully reinterpreted by 4hero with gorgeous strings and orchestration. A Mountain Of One take Bobby Lee & Mia Doi Todd on a dubby journey. Lovely stuff.


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