Album: Daniel Villarreal – Panamá 77

Photo by Carolina Sanchez.

Sometimes some quality new music is all we need. If you’re one of those looking for some inspiring music to listen to, look no further than Daniel Villarreal‘s debut solo album Panama 77. Whether you are a usual jazz music listener or not, this album will touch you with all its relatability. Throughout the album, Villarreal depicts what regular people go through in their lifetimes, and does a fantastic job. While paying tribute to his Latin roots, he’s managed to create an album accessible to listeners far and wide.

The album contains twelve tracks of multi-textural, jazz-laced psychedelic instrumental folk-funk in terms of variety and fluidity. Although there is an ongoing theme in the album that talks about his life and the struggles he has gone through, the array of unique rhythms on the album create a sense of epic experience for the listener. “Bella Vista”, the album’s opening song, contains a very spiritual vibe as it uplifts the listener’s soul. “Ofelia” can be described as a subtly hypnotic track as it draws you in, slowly grooving with the melody. “Parque En Seis” is a very funky and energetic song which closes the record with aplomb. Although all the tracks on this album differ in style, they are all equally enjoyable.

Not only is the title of the album highly personal, but all the songs tell a story based on Villarreal’s own experiences. In essence, the entire album is a memoir that has the potential to inspire many. Villarreal’s outstanding storytelling skills and the euphonious and unique rhythms across the album have convinced us to keep it on the top of our playlist.


Panamá 77 is out now via International Anthem.

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