Album: Emily Francis Trio – LUMA

Emily Francis Trio, are a band that consists of Emily Francis on keys, synth and piano, Trevor Boxall on bass, and Jamie Murray on drums. Their debut album, ‘The Absent’ released back in 2015, was their fresh take on the piano trio format, creating a sound with a strong emphasis on melody and groove, resulting in compositionally rich music. This time around they are back with yet another melodious offering, ‘LUMA’.

The trio has performed widely in the UK at major jazz festivals and venues, including the Manchester Jazz Festival, the London Jazz Festival, and Ronnie Scott’s.

‘LUMA’ is a treat that one can play over and over again and not grow tired. It will be officially released this Friday and I cannot wait for you to hear this one because we’ve had it on blast for the past week! The trio will showcase the album at Ronnie Scott’s, where they have performed before. In fact, it was the first time they had put their new melodious recordings out for the world to hear. That session at Ronnie Scott’s was called #LockdownSessions.

Featuring nine beautifully composed and written original tracks, this album draws elements from electronic jazz and progressive rock and pop created in the late 60s and early 70s while still staying true to today’s modern times. It is a flawless blend of all the goodness those sounds; as well as the emerging influence from the New York scene to create original and tasteful compostions. They mentioned that their New York influences are musicians such as Grammy nominated bassist Tim Lefebvre and the brilliant saxophonist Donny McCaslin in a recent interview on the site.

The entirety of this album is based on highly intellectual values and morals backing it, which we rarely ever get to hear in music today. That is what I believe sets Emily Francis Trio apart. The motive behind this album is simple yet very complex. Exploring the knowledge that we have within ourselves, our personal inspirations, imaginations can help us fight the battles and hardships of life with ease. It only takes some source to awaken that inner powerful self that is hiding somewhere inside of us. That’s exactly what this album does with aplomb. With nine innovative tracks that bring together cinematic soundscapes, with an array of styles, they have created a project that helps you be losted in a whole new world where you forget all about the challenges and hurdles life has thrown in your way. It is both peaceful and powerful; what more can you ask for? The moment you start listening to “LUMA’, there is no skipping between tracks, and you’ll definitely be coming back for more.

‘LUMA’ will be out everywhere this Friday. Mark your calendars!

Pre-order LUMA here.

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