Guest Playlist: Michał Jan & Immortal Onion

The latest instalment of our Guest Playlist series features selections from saxophonist Michał Jan Ciesielski and progressive jazz trio Immortal Onion. This playlist compiles a selection of tunes that the trio and Ciesielski dubbed Screenspirations.

Later this month, the multi-talented Ciesielski will release ‘Screens’, an album he composed, recorded and mixed, performed in collaboration with the jazz trio. You can watch the live video for the album track, ‘Digital Relations ‘below.

Alongside the main quartet you will hear guest instrumentalists including string parts recorded by Ola Szymańska on violin, Weronika Kulpa on cello, David Lipka on trumpet, Paweł Niewiadomski on trombone and Marcin Gałązka on guitar.

Screens‘ is the culmination of a collaborative effort between four artists renowned for their distinctive styles and sounds, reinventing electronic jazz fusion.

Their guest playlist is a little window into the music that inspired and influenced the upcoming record, and hopefully, it will allow us to understand the artists behind the music. Click play and listen to their fantastic Screenspirations playlist with music ranging from David Bowie to Floating Points and beyond.

U Know Me Records is due to release Screens on digital download and 180g black vinyl on April 22nd.

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