Between The Cracks: New Music Releases You May Have Missed

Hey folks, welcome to your new Between The Cracks selection. As always no lengthy write-ups as who reads those anyway? We keep it short and to the point because you’re here to listen to the music! Check out our weekly mini-guide below and if you like what you hear, click the links and support the artists.


Damian Dalla Torre – Happy Floating

It is a delight to discover the brilliant saxophonist, composer and producer based in Leipzig, Damian Dalla Torre, whose flawless debut album is full of poise and elegance. With a cast of 19 musicians, the variety of sonic textures and the featured artists are equally impressive. ‘Happy Floating’ is the kind of album you can listen to in ten years, and it’ll sound just as fresh as it does now. 


Ilhan Ersahin, Dave Harrington, Kenny Wollesen – Invite Your Eye

End the week nice and easy with the new collaborative album from Ilhan Ersahin, Dave Harrington, Kenny Wollesen. A lovely languid listen finds the trio spending their time in an unhurried fashion as they wander effortlessly between genres. Some records just ooze a seductive late-night vibe. This is one such record.


Amir Bresler – House of Arches

The rich vein of artistic excellence in Tel Aviv never runs dry. Here we have the first solo album from drummer Amir Bresler for the mighty Raw Tapes. A diverse lineup of equally talented friends digs into psychedelic jazz and funk built around Bresler’s polyrhythmic beats. It’s a trip, it’s got a funky beat, and I can bug out to it!


Joona Toivanen Trio – Both Only

Consisting of Joona Toivanen, Tapani Toivanen and Olavi Louhivuori, the three members of Joona Toivanen Trio now collaborate remotely with Joona based in Sweden, Tapani in Denmark, and Olavi in Finland, but they remain finely in sync. With their debut release on We Jazz Records, the trio releases Both Only, an artful blend of intimate, occasionally dynamic textured soundscapes that transcend the boundaries between ambient electronic music and contemporary jazz. They create a fascinating mix of sounds that weave harmoniously together. Essential.


Tamil Rogeon – Son Of Nyx – Remixed & Live 

In Son Of Nyx, Tamil Rogeon’s modal jazz suite is remixed by Sampology, Prequel, and Rebecca Vasmant. The release also features two previously unreleased live radio versions – House No Wheels sparkles with increased energy, and Bad Sandals features Rita Satch on vocals and synth.


Music For Ukraine

Various Artist – Places for Peace

Sumptuous, hypnotic ambient vibes. All profits from this release will be donated to UNICEF’ Donate to Protect Children in Ukraine’. Check out the tunes, and please support, support, support.


Northern Electronics – A Dove Has Spread Her Wings: Relief for Ukraine

As a direct response to Russia’s diabolic invasion of Ukraine, Northern Electronics assembles a sonic charity collection to raise funds for UNICEF, helping the children and families suffering under their occupier’s rage. All proceeds will go to UNICEF Ukraine.



MATTIE – Jupiter’s Purse

Jupiter’s Purse is the debut EP by Dallas, Texas-based artist MATTIE on Leaving Records. Produced in collaboration with fellow Texas native Black Taffy, Jupiter’s Purse is an exceptional and unique work of woozy trip-hop and experimental soul. Explore the otherworldly, cosmic sounds below.


Quiet Dawn – Movements

The latest project from Quiet Dawn is firmly rooted in the world of broken beat, having been heavily influenced by First Word’s infamous 14th birthday party at Total Refreshment Centre, where he performed alongside label-mates Kaidi Tatham and Children of Zeus. This is an EP you will love featuring deeply percussive grooves and squelchy synths across its six tracks.


sneaky jesus – For Joseph Riddle Remixes

The debut album ‘For Joseph Riddle’ from the Polish jazz quartet sneaky jesus is remixed by an incredible group of producers, including Groove Professor, Poison Zcora, Kai Meara, Awkward Corners and Baby Meelo. There is something for everyone here with tracks encompassing electronic, smoky hip hop, beats, jungle, and tropical sounds. 


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