New Sounds: 7th SENSE ft. Liam Shortall

Photo by Ioana Teodora Raicu.

‘Almost Five’ is the first single from Bucharest’s 7th SENSE. A mix of irresistible trumpet lines, energetic drums, sparkling Rhodes melodies all held together by sublime guitar work.

They add to this fine blend the exemplary trombone skills of Liam Shortall (known for his work with corto.alto, AKU!, and Graham Costello).

It’s an alluring number. Subtle in its delivery, the track pushes forward and on and on, adding layers of intricate details as it progresses.

7th SENSE consists of Laura Benedek (bass), Sergiu Bivol (trumpet), Lucas Contreras (guitar), Adi Stoenescu (fender rhodes) and Gabi Matei (drums).

Speaking about the song, Benedek, explains:

‘Almost Five’ is probably the only song that wasn’t planned and didn’t have any concept or theme behind it. I always tell people that it’s a pre-rehearsal jam that turned into a song. Everyone came up with something connected to each other’s vibe, and then we only put the pieces together and build the song up. The funny thing, though, is that after all these years, besides being one of our favourite songs to play live, we realised how much it actually got to represent us in very subtle ways, as lots of times someone always managed to miss this or that event. And it’s probably the song that made us believe that we can fly and achieve our dreams.

7th SENSE will be releasing their debut album ‘Light In Chaos’ in the spring, so expect to hear more from them soon!


Almost Five is out now – buy the digital tack here.



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