Between The Cracks: New & Notable Releases That Need Your Attention

A new week brings a new ‘Between The Cracks’. With so much good music coming through thick and fast, it’s easy for albums to drop online and go overlooked. Each week we select new records across the musical soundscape that require your attention. So happy listening – and don’t forget to hit the links and support the artists.


Rosales – Woven Songs

A collaboration between sound artist Ian Hawgood and guitarist Brad Deschamps, Rosales’ second album ‘Woven Songs‘ is deeply immersive with sounds sourced from guitar and synth loops and processed by Space Echo, cassette and reel-to-reel for decayed textures. Perfect late-night listening courtesy of Hagwood and Deschamps. Beautiful stuff.


Park Jiha – The Gleam

Park Jiha is back with her third album, The Gleam. The eight-track project is a gorgeous meditation on the intersection of music and light. It is a solo work, like its predecessor, ‘Philos’ (2019), in which all the music is composed and played by Jiha. Many instruments feature on the album, including the piri, a type of oboe, a mouth organ pictured on the cover, a hammered dulcimer called the yanggeum, and a glockenspiel. Jiha once again combines contemporary composition with traditional instrumentation with stunning results.


Patricia Wolf – I’ll Look For You In Others

With releases on labels such as secondnature and El Muelle, Portland-based sound artist and musician Patricia Wolf lands on Past Inside The Present for her debut album. The album, titled I’ll Look For You In Others, was written and recorded last year, after the passing of Wolf’s mother-in-law and a close friend. In combining her habitual materials-voice and synthesisers-in unfamiliar ways, Wolf wrote the album as a means to process her emotions following the heartbreak. Even amid sadness and vulnerability, this album finds beauty. 


Loris S. Sarid & Innis Chonnel – Where The Round Things Live

You can always rely on Glasgow-based label 12th Isle to deliver the goods. Their latest release from new family members Loris S. Sarid & Innis Chonnel is stellar from start to finish. They composed the album using recorded percussive sounds from different objects found in a workshop on the east coast of Scotland. Embrace the subtle field recordings, improvised synth rhythms and new-age glow of this deeply immersive listening experience.


Fachada – Mundos Secretos

‘Mundos Secretos’ by Fachada is an album of deep groove-heavy experimentalism from the diaspora of Washington, DC. It is a wild mash-up of instrumental afro-noir, jazz-funk, and neo-psychedelia. Out via Electric Cowbell Records who, don’t release something unless it is good, and this is no exception. Do yourself a favour and check this album out. It’s not to be missed.


Jacob Gurevistch – Yellow Spaceship

The jazz-flamenco guitarist Jacob Gurevistch has a new album out called Yellow Spaceship. For Gurevitsch’s third album, collaborations are at the heart of the recording, and for this record, he teams up with Grammy-nominated Danish singer Alice Carreri and Grammy-nominated singer Buika. With influences ranging from flamenco, bolero, jazz, Italian, and French soundtrack themes, Gurevistch crafts ten sublime compositions while displaying his impressive Spanish guitar abilities. This album’s haunting guitar plucks dreamlike and ethereal arrangements make it a must-have for any music lover – balm for the soul.


Laurent Bardainne & Tigre d’Eau Douce – Hymne Au Soleil

Laurent Bardainne’s second album with his Tigre d’Eau Douce ensemble is excellent as he leads his collaborators through a collection of free-flowing, jazz-inspired grooves. A cosmic odyssey from the outer reaches of the solar system to the inner depths of the human soul, Hymne au Soleil is a dreamlike, cinematic journey. Don’t sleep on this beautiful album!


Binker & Moses – Feeding The Machine

Sax and drum duo Binker & Moses drop their first studio album in five years. Across the LP, the duo fuse ambient, minimalist, and experimental electronic music on this new project to form a more futuristic sound. The album features third honorary member Max Luthert on tape loops and electronics. Another winner from Gearbox Records.


Gabo – Fever 

The Glasgow African Balafon Orchestra (GABO) consists of musicians from all over the world who bring together the distinct flavours of the world through the joy of orchestral music. Musicians, folklorists, and storytellers unit to form a unique combination and fusion that illustrates the best facets of humanity and its music. London label Sola Terra come correct once again.


Claude Cooper – Myriad Sounds

Clade Cooper’s expressive debut album combines psychedelic-funk, jazz-breaks, and free-wheeling saxophone, resulting in precisely the sounds described in the album’s title. This weekend-ready romp combines Cooper’s sax solos with psych-funk grooves, low-end frequencies, and breakbeat rhythms. If you are looking for something a little different, this is one for you. Don’t just take our word for it; have a listen! Great music, creative and exciting!


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