Woo return to Quindi Records for new album, Paradise In Pimlico


With their new record, Clive and Mark Ives follow up their celestial Arcturian Corridor debut album on Quindi. When Woo first began recording at home in the early 70s, Clive and Mark were the embodiment of furtive genius. Their return in 2013 has seen them release scores of albums, collaborate with the Seahawks, and forge a productive relationship with Quindi. There’s a very different sound on their forthcoming Paradise In Pimlico album from the one found on early classics like Into The Heart Of Love. The production is full and engaging with rich detail and artful sound design. However, most importantly, Clive and Mark’s open and inquisitive approach remains despite the gleam of modern studio techniques.

‘Moment To Moment’ carries a masterful poise as its cascading melodies pirouette across the space between notes. Take a listen above and look out for Paradise In Pimlico on 25th February.

Benny Toms

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