Guest Playlist: Ruth Goller

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Italian born and now based in London, Ruth Goller performs as a bassist, vocalist, and composer. She is one of the most influential musicians to have revolutionised the jazz and improv scenes in the UK during the last 16 years. Ruth will kick off her Skylla tour at B-Side in Leeds on Friday, 11th January.

Joining Ruth on tour will be vocalists Lauren Kinsella, Alice Grant and Nell Greco. As showcased on her stunning debut solo album, Skylla, Goller’s music spans many influences. Eastern European folk sits next to free jazz, all with a punk attitude. Despite the variety of styles, the overall sound still feels cohesive.

Goller has curated a brilliant playlist featuring everything from Beck, Dead Kennedys, Keeley Forsyth, Joyce, Selda Bagcan, and more to coincide with the tour. 

“Growing up, I listened to a lot of ‘punk’ and ‘hardcore’; hence the energy of a band like ‘Dead Kennedys’ was massively influential to the music I am playing today. It’s edgy and feels like it’s falling off the cliff, and I have learned to translate this feeling into quiet music as well. ‘Beck’ was a big part of my growing as well. His creativity and sound always inspired me. My love for Brazilian music is huge and it was hard to not fill up the playlist with just music from Brazil. I love Joyce, and also, seeing her life a few times was mindblowing. I am also heavily into Brazilian dance music ‘Baile’. ‘Uma Sentadinha’ is a track I specifically like. I’ve always loved discovering music from all over the place and finding what I like about it. The track by Selda Bagcan is so groovy, and I love the bass-playing on it. ‘Tonada de luna llena’ by Simon Diaz is just the most beautiful song.” Ruth Goller

Below is the playlist Ruth put together! A big thanks to her!

The tour looks as follows:

11/02 B-Side, Leeds

15/02 OCM, Oxford

18/02 Frizzle, Hexagon Theatre, Birmingham

21/02 The Wardrobe, Bristol

24/03 The Yellow Arch, Sheffield

25/03 Listen!, Unitarian Church, Cambridge

28/03 Jazz In The Round, Cockpit Theatre, London

22/04 Fusebox, The Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds

28/04 Fruitworks, Canterbury

05/05 Jazzsteps, Bonington Theatre, Nottingham

28/05 The Rose Hill, Brighton

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