Amir Bresler set to release first solo album

As the world remained locked down at home in November of 2020, Amir Bresler was itching to create. He’d spent years onstage, but had yet to release his first solo album. Upon accepting an invitation from a friend, Bresler moved to a remote village outside Tel Aviv. He began to set up a one-day recording sessions in the village’s auditorium, dubbed ‘The House of Arches’. A variety of Tel Aviv’s finest appeared in the sessions, including keyboardist/producer Rejoicer, Yemen Blues vocalist Ravid Kahalani, bassist Gilad Abro, pianist Nomok, and trumpeter Sefi Zisling. Friends drove north for nearly a week, digging into psychedelic jazz and funk, all built on Bresler’s polyrhythmic beats. The fruits of those labours can be heard in full on 9th March when Bresler drops his first solo LP, House of Arches, via Raw Tapes. Get a glimpse of the upcoming LP with the first single “Landing and Parking”.

House Of Arches is out on 9th March via Raw Tapes.

Benny Toms

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