Tom Sochas Trio – Prologue (TS Premiere)

Tom Sochas Trio.
Tom Sochas Trio

Today we bring you a winter warmer in the form of ‘Prologue’. 

I am really enjoying the tranquil melodies on this new track from French-American pianist Tom Sochas, accompanied by Greek bassist Thodoris Ziarkas and British drummer Olly Sarkar.

The single is the first taste from Sochas’ debut album, ‘The Sorcerer’. The 8-song album is an ode to story-telling, ancient myths and tales, something we tend to return to when needing guidance.

The Sorcerer, tells a linear story through which Sochas combines his love of hard-hitting post-bop with his passion for western classical music to create both a risky and soothing atmosphere.

“At the core of the project was a will to honestly represent my current thoughts, hopes and anxieties about our planet’s future’ Sochas explains. ‘Following a storyline forced me to find balance and hope in my compositions, to express the light as well as the dark. The trio format lent itself incredibly well to this, as it allowed the space for each of us to interpret the story in our own way.”

Caitlin Biller designed the album sleeve using a photo taken by Floyer Sydenham of the protagonist wearing a Barn Owl mask. A poem by Enis Yuçekoralp accompanies the album:

The Sorcerer is set for release on vinyl and digitally on April 12th, via new London-based label Khumbu Records.

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