Korean composer & musician Park Jiha announces new album, The Gleam

Park Jiha has announced her third album, The Gleam. Set for release on Glitterbeat, the LP will comprise ten tracks and is a gorgeous meditation on the intersection of music and light.

As the press release notes, “how often do we consider light? We revel in the soft wonder of a sunrise or the majesty of a glorious sunset, but all through the day its quality and texture is continually changing, second by second, in ways we rarely register.”

It is a solo work, like its predecessor, ‘Philos’ (2019), in which all the music is composed and played by Jiha. Many instruments feature on the album, including the piri, a type of oboe, a mouth organ pictured on the cover, a hammered dulcimer called the yanggeum, and a glockenspiel.

Alongside the news, the Korean composer and musician unveiled a new track, ‘Light Way’, along with a stunning visual.

You can pre-order The Gleam here ahead of its 23rd February release. Below you will find the artwork and tracklisting.


  1. At Dawn
  2. Sunrise; A Song Of Two Humans
  3. Light Way
  4. A Day In…
  5. The Way Of Spiritual Breath
  6. Restlessly Towards
  7. Nightfall Dancer
  8. Temporary Inertia

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