New Sounds: Unknown To Known – Portico

The combination of Idris Rahman, Tamar Osborn, Jihad Darwish, and Yusuf Ahmed is one to excite any modern jazz head. The music they create as Unknown To Known is a whole new level of aural meditation.

The quartet has just released an EP of improvised extracts from their first encounter in July this year at the stunning Portico Gallery in South London.

The music’s melodic fabric is woven by the woodwinds of Idris Rahman and Tamar Osborn. With Jihad Darwish on sitar, double bass, and electric bass, he traverses melodic, harmonic worlds down to earthy, pulsating yet sensitive grooves. Yusuf Ahmed plays the drums and various hybrid percussion instruments to tie everything together.

Though sometimes euphoric and dynamic, the music the quartet creates is always interactive, honest, and raw -deep thinking jazz music at its best.

Portico is out now – Buy from Bandcamp.

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