Afro-Latin rhythms lead us to the dancefloor on Gabriele Poso’s new album

Tamburo Infinito is the seventh album from Italian master percussionist, Gabriele Poso. The album features endless Afro-Latin percussion and drum patterns woven throughout ten tracks of tropical dance floor heaters.

Recorded largely by himself in Lecce in the south of Italy, once more, the spotlight falls on drums and percussion, the Tamburo Infinito. Gabriele has always sought out influences and rhythms overseas, and this is no exception for his newest album.

He took his sonic adventures to the French West Indies and islands of the French Caribbean, such as Guadeloupe Martinique this time around.

Listen to the infectious lead track La Bola, full of exultant horns and syncopated drum beats, all riding on a driving, funky bassline.

Head here to purchase a copy of Tamburo Infinito in advance of its 1st October release, and check out the tracklisting below.


1. Ritmo

2. Futurista

3. La Bola 

4. Kamasutra on the Beach

5. La Musica

6. Timbala

7. Party People

8. Tamburo Infinito

9. Vodoo Therapy

10. New Moon Rituals

Benny Toms

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