Powell shares new LP on Editions Mego, Piano Music 1-7

Powell is releasing a new album, called Piano Music 1-7.

Powell recently released his new full-length Piano Music 1-7 via Editions Mego.

The seven-track album was recorded in late 2020 when Powell turned his attention to a Grand Steinway sampler to explore the sounds of the synthetic piano.

As Powell noted, Piano Music 1-7 served as a map to navigate away from the current milieu, which he found rejuvenating.

Last year Powell released a string of innovative releases including Flash Across the Intervals, Multiply the Sides, and On the Feet of a Wind.

Enjoy the closing track, Piano Music #7, which is accompanied by an engrossing visual. Looking forward to digging into the rest of the album later today.

Check out the artwork and tracklisting below, and head here to buy Piano Music 1-7.

Powell is releasing a new album, called Piano Music 1-7, via Editions Mego.


1. Piano Music #1
2. Piano Music #2
3. Piano Music #3
4. Piano Music #4
5. Piano Music #5
6. Piano Music #6
7. Piano Music #7

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