Guest Playlist: Telemakus

New guest playlist from Telemakus.

Following the recent release of his new single, ‘Mars Blues’, Northern Californian composer/pianist Telemakus delivers a fine guest playlist. The new track is taken from his forthcoming LP ‘The New Heritage’ which is set for release in October via Radio Juicy.

With a deep fascination for outer space and astronomy, ‘Blue Mars’ sees Telemakus exploring an expressive sci-fi-esque sound palette with the help of talented trio Chino Corvalán, Ted Taforo and Corydrums.

Telemakus’ music travels between the borderlines of jazz and hip hop, playing into the heritage of jazz-sampling artists who turned their hands to instruments and discovered new musical dimensions and complexities.

For his guest playlist, he’s put together a tight selection of tracks that inspires and influences his music, from legendary pianist, keyboardist Herbie Hancock to the late great visionary hip-hop producer J Dilla and more. This one is full of earworm.

Enjoy the selection below and look out for more brilliance from Telemakus in the near future!

1. This song is a blueprint for me and all I’m trying to convey with my music. Butcher Brown are the New Headhunters in my opinion, and ‘All Purpose Music’ cements them in history.

2. DJ Harrison perfectly crafts his songs without even trying to. I couldn’t say more. The sound selection he used on ‘Stashboxxx’ influenced a lot of my musical directions.

3. Jaco is the greatest of all time.

4. Herbie is too. I don’t transcribe as much anymore, but whenever I hear Herbie’s lines I feel as if I transcribed something.

5. People don’t listen enough to Carles Benavent. This song really stretches the way you can craft an interlude/outro into an album.

6. I grew up listening to this album of RH Factor and this song specifically. It never gets old.

7. Flying Lotus’ music always pushes me to think harder and play more creatively.

8. This song by Pierre Dutour makes me feel something that I can never describe. And I love that.

9. Thundercat covering George Duke is sublime. There is some music that comforts you beyond anything.

10. I miss Chick a lot. I discovered this song after he passed and I can really feel his spirit in this composition. It makes me feel that he’s still here.

11. The soundtrack of Scorcese’s film ‘After Hours’ changed the way I think of composition. I have a dedication to this song on my album.

12. J Dilla Changed My Life.

13. Braxton Cook’s vocabulary, writing, feeling always makes me want to play with my heart.

14. Herbie is my biggest influence and this live rendition is as Herbie as you can get.

Pick up your copy of Telemakus’ forthcoming LP on Bandcamp.

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