Meridian Brothers turns his eccentric gaze to the sounds of Colombian accordion music

Meridian Brothers and accordionist Iván Medellín will release a collaborative LP, Laz En La Tierra, this September via Bongo Joe Records.

Teaming up with Conjunto Media Luna’s Iván Medellín, Eblis Álvarez, aka Meridian Brothers, the pair create an album of hyperbolic lyrical theatre and existential realism in the style of Colombia’s most versatile and dynamic of music, made famous by its most loved of sons, Diomedes Diaz.

Speaking about his ambition to record a traditional album with the accordion at the centrepiece, Álvarez explains, “I have made a lot of attempts on previous records, but it was just not the real thing. When I saw Iván play the accordion, I knew he was the guy to do this with!”

Head above to listen to the lead single Pensando En Mi Morena, and check out the LP artwork below.

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