Album: Snazzback – In The Place

Photo by Heather Langton

As promised, Snazzback have unleashed their second album, ‘In The Place’ today, and as expected – it’s an absolute scorcher. Featuring the previously released singles’ Reading’, ‘Alice’, and ‘BST’, the twelve-track LP is packed with deep grooves interlocking jazz, Afro-Latin rhythms and electronica.

As the press release explains, “Snazzback bring the sound of reopened dancefloors, of communal release, and of the joyful sound of dancing outside in the sunshine to live music. Their second album ‘In The Place’ overflows with deep grooves and loose, lolloping rhythms that tease and play, sometimes languid and carefree, other times energy spiralling upwards – and taking the listener with them, each and every time. Their music is soaked in great black american dancefloor music, whether that’s the sound we call ‘jazz’ or hip hop. They also bring other flavours – interlocking Afro-Latin rhythms, electronica and hypnotic rock, all marinated in Bristol’s long musical histories.”

The new album features China Bowls, Solomon OB, Bethany Stenning, aka STANLÆY, and Soss.

Enjoy ‘In The Place’ below in its entirety!

Buy In The Place here.

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