Stimulator Jones unveils new instrumental beat LP on Stones Throw

Stimulator Jones has announced a new instrumental beat album, Low Budget Environments Striving For Perfection, out 16th July via Stones Throw. 

As the press release explains, the twenty-three track album is described simply as “tape hiss, turntables, and THC”, born out of Jones’ lifelong love of hip-hop.

 The LP’s title was inspired by Ego Trip’s Book Of Rap Lists, describing “the setting and manner in which most of my music and art has been created – trying to do the best I can with limited means and resources. It’s the DIY philosophy.” 

Low Budget Environments…follows his ‘La Mano’ LP from last year released via Nordic cult label Mutual Intentions.

Pre-order a copy of Low Budget Environments…. here ahead of its release next month, listen to a couple of tracks and check out the tracklisting below.


1. The Essence

2. Dungeon Master

3. Chill & Sip

4. How Much You Care

5. Icy Altitudes

6. Heat Index

7. Blowin Gold

8. Flow Speed

9. Errybodyguh

10. Ecstasy Ride

11. Grover Chop

12. Thunderball

13. Figueroa

14. Watermelon Slices

15. Rhythm Ace

16. Peaceful

17. Spirit (JD)

18. Vague Vibes

19. Quarantine

20. Side Step

21. Useless Trees

22. Sun Rays

23. Juju

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