Sound artist Cucina Povera unveils new EP, Seesteyttaa

Finnish-born, Glasgow-based sound artist Maria Rossi aka Cucina Povera returns with a new EP, ‘Seesteyttää’.

Following on from the folkloric and futurist fusing of her collaboration with Haron last year, the new EP finds Povera sliding seamlessly through four stunningly beautiful tracks.

Povera is at her otherworldly best as she combines ethereal improvised vocals with atmospheric ambient textures, delicate glockenspiels, and eerie electronics.

Today, we’re sharing a snippet of ‘Selkeammat Vedet’, a mesmerising track that evokes an almost spiritual and tingly feeling as a result of her choral vocals.

There isn’t really much more to say, press play below and enjoy. Pre-order here.

Selkeammat Vedet


1. Walthamstown Suokellot
2. Rushmoren Sipulihoyryt Saniaiset
3. Selkeammat Vedet
4. Taivaankappaleet

Benny Toms

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