Dego channels techno, boogie, soul and jazz on new LP, The Negative Positive

Dego has a new album on the way entitled The Negative Positive, and it arrives on April 30th via 2000black. The album features three talented vocalists, namely Nadine Charles, Obenewa, and Samii. Today we’re sharing a little teaser from the album in the form of the closing track, The Disclaimer.

As the press release explains: Many adverse perceptions are envisioned when faced with a negative meaning popular opinion often thinks the worse. The Negative Positive see’s the benefit of defeat, obstacles and a straight NO. 

Once again Dego is joined by longtime musical comrades Matt Lord, Mr Mensah and Kaidi Tatham, delivering a top-grade mix of techno, boogie, soul and jazz.

With the new LP just around the corner, we can’t wait to hear what Dego and the crew has cooked up!


1. Stained With The Tears On Their Faces

2. Is It The Whole Truth

3. This Is A MessageTo You

4. The Negative Positive

5. What’s Good For You

6. Recovered Memories

7. She Is Virgo

8. What’s An Inferiority Complex

9. The Disclaimer

Pre-order The Negative Positive here

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