Raw Tapes announces new EP from pianist Maya Dunietz

It’s crazy how much talent comes pours out from Tel Aviv label Raw Tapes. Next up for the imprint is an EP from Maya Dunietz, a pianist, avant-garde sound artist, and award-winning composer who joins the long list of ultra-skilled artists releasing music via the label.

The prodigy pianist has played with ‘Habiluim’, ‘Midnight Peacocks’, ‘Boom Pam’. She has created countless projects worldwide, including presenting her sound installations at Pompidou, France, to her work with Emahoy Tsegue Mariam Guebrou. Now she is readying the release of her Free The Dolphin EP. Listen to the breathtaking lead song entitled ‘Opus 1’.

Across the EP, you’ll hear glimpses of folk lullabies, African scales and rhythms, moments that border with free jazz, and homage to the old school traditions of stride and blues.

Speaking about the five-track release, Maya says: “I am incredibly grateful for the magical and pure sound that Rejoicer and Doctor achieved in this recording, Its one of the best trio sounds I ever heard and really stands out in its quality. Every instrument sounds beautifully clear as if it was playing alone and in the same time fuses perfectly with the other two, blending into a strong yet gentle colour. “

It’s Bandcamp Friday today, so why not get it now and fully support the artist and label!

Press notes: As fluffy as an Erroll Garner composition and as intense as Ahmad Jamal only to be delightfully interrupted with out-of-scale psychotic outbursts. Maya blends her infinite influences into a holistic, post-modernistic, never-dull experience.

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