LA-NY production duo Georgia announces new album, State Effect (Accel)

Every time Georgia drop a new project, we fall in love with their all-kind-music all over again. That’s precisely the case with their latest offering, ‘Story Scene’, a hazy, sensual and densely atmospheric cut taken from their forthcoming new album.

The LA-NY duo shared the new song while confirming their latest album State Effect (Accel), will land on 16th April via Italian imprint OOH-sounds. 

Made up of Justin Tripp and Brian Close, their upcoming LP presents a new kaleidoscopic hyper-music-entity that expands the high-dimensional phase space project. State Effect (Accel) blends the pair’s eclectic tastes in dub, experimental electronics, techno and beyond.

The eight tracker long-player makes extensive use of the vocal talents of Paris/Berlin-based artist Oiseau Danseur aka Marylou, and Gabi Asfour of visionary NY fashion collective threeASFOUR.

Catch a cosmic vibration and pre-order the album here!


1. Perch View 

2. Story Scene

3. Mere Exposure Effect (Cistom Aligned)

4. Method Of Loci

5. Mental Arena Mode

6. Deployable Mental (Clitic Version)

7. Pure Word Deafness

8. Zipf’s Code

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